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After graduating in 1999, Lucy worked for an event management organisation for 6 years. She joined eCircle in 2006 and launched the UK’s marketing activities. Following eCircle’s acquisition by Teradata in 2012, she became Teradata Applications’ (formerly eCircle & Aprimo) Head of Field Marketing for the International region (EMEA & APAC). She was elected to the DMA Email Marketing Council in 2013 and sits on the legal and best practice hub. Lucy is on Twitter: @LucyAHudson and @eCircleUK.
Jul. 2013

It’s #RoyalBaby Fever!

As some of you may have noticed from my previous posts about The World Cup, The Olympics or the re-election of Obama, I like to jump on the bandwagon behind news items which have taken social media or marketing industry by storm, and William and Kate’s #RoyalBaby is no exception. The Duchess of Cambridge was taken to hospital in the [...]

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Jul. 2013

Recycled Email Addresses…Yahoo! or Boohoo?

I sit on the DMA Email Marketing Council and each month we discuss all the topics which are currently hitting the headlines in the email world and our last meeting was no exception.  One of the top subjects we discussed was Yahoo! and their plan to re-release unused email addresses into the public. You can see the summary here.

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Jun. 2013

Did you get yourself Connected?

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Feb. 2013

Integrated Marketing Management Discovered – A Q&A with Simon Bowker

Following the acquisition of Aprimo in 2011 and eCircle in 2012 by Teradata (the world’s leading analytic data solutions company), things have changed dramatically and everything is looking pretty rosy. We’ve had lots of people asking us questions about what this means for eCircle as a company and how our product offering will change moving forwards. So now that the [...]

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Feb. 2013

Hotmail: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodbyeeee!

If you work in email, you’ll know that the number’s up for Hotmail. is officially fully replacing Hotmail as Microsoft’s web-based email service. It was introduced to the marketplace in July 2012 and officially launched this month.

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Feb. 2013

Connect 2013 is here! Register now for 50% discount!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our annual conference Connect 2013.  Many of you will know (and hopefully you’ll have attended one before!) that we have run the Connect series of events for several years, but this year, Connect promises to be bigger and better than ever!

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Nov. 2012

Election 2012: The morning after the night before

Well. What a night! It wasn’t quite as close as everyone predicted was it?  303 to Romney’s 206 (with Florida still to confirm). And as I wrote in my blog yesterday, social media played a huge part in the success of both candidate’s campaigns.

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Nov. 2012

The US Election: Is Twitter Winning the Digital Race as America goes to the polls?

As the fiercely contested (and even at this eleventh hour difficult to predict) race to become the next US President comes to a close, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are being utilised to encourage the US electorate to turn out and vote, and to help the undecided citizens make their decision once and for all.  12% of [...]

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Sep. 2012

Goodbye London2012 – The First Truly Digital Games

Hands up who has an Olympics shaped hole in their lives right about now?  Hasn’t it been amazing?  I was lucky enough to go to three Olympic events and one Paralympic event and each time, was truly humbled for many reasons. I was dumbstruck by the amazing abilities of athletes from around the globe, impressed by the cheeriness and dedication [...]

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Aug. 2012

Subject Lines: Honest or Eye-catching?

Yesterday I received an email from someone called Rachael Ware.  Its subject line was ‘Found a set of keys’. I was at an event so initially saw the email on my BlackBerry.  It caught my eye because my husband had just mislaid his car keys, but I was slightly baffled as a) I didn’t know someone called Rachael Ware and [...]

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