High Quality Email List Rental

Europe-wide opt in email addresses for successful email marketing

Email list rental: Opt-in addresses for email marketing campaigns

To succeed with your email marketing campaigns you need access to a high range of quality opt in email addresses. At eCircle we can offer you this and more! With over ten years, European email marketing experience we are highly qualified in getting the best response out of your email marketing campaigns.

To ensure excellent response rates we ask every single recipient for their individual interests so you can keep your email marketing offers relevant. Following best practice we ask each recipient to confirm their willingness to receive commercial emails (opt-in) and to avoid over exposure, we restrict the number of times each recipient can be contacted (frequency capping). In addition, we constantly maintain the high quality of our opt in email addresses. All this ensures that we generate above average click through rates, increased conversions and higher ROI.

Key Opportunities to your Organisation 

  • Increase awareness of your company by taking advantages of the fantastic benefits of email marketing campaigns, such as product launch mailings
  • Strengthen your image through branding campaigns for exisiting products e.g via innovative videomail
  • Supplement your offline campaigns e.g. complimenting your TV spots with a low-cost “reminder” email marketing campaign
  • Quickly achieve increased sales e.g. with seasonal strategies
  • Easily support your PoS activities e.g. with coupon campaigns
  • Exploit the benefits of viral email marketing e.g encouraging users to forward their emails

Main Advantages at-a-glance

  • You will have access to over 80 million opt in email addresses from eCircle’s vast databases and trusted eCircle network
  • In addition, you will have access to several million worldwide addresses from our extensive broker network.
  • Benefit from excellent data quality as we constantly update and monitor our addresses as well as ensuring an opt-in registration processes
  • Acquire contacts who have a high affinity to email promotion and online shopping
  • Take advantage of short, flexible implementation times and the accurate targeting of your email marketing campaigns –  even for niche target groups
  • Generate high response rates through innovative marketing strategies e.g. via multi-level email marketing campaigns
  • Achieve high conversion rates due to the immediate response nature of email marketing in comparison to traditional media
  • Directly measure the success of you campaign by receiving instant real-time reports through detailed tracking and reporting techniques
  • Benefit from our extensive email marketing expertise in the implementation of email marketing campaigns across Europe

To date eCircle have now sent over 4,500 email marketing campaigns on behalf of well-known companies across Europe.  Therefore, we are extremely well placed to assist you with the full implementation of your email marketing campaign. So why not contact one of our email marketing campaign experts today to find out more.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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